Pheromones are used to increase social acceptance.

Pheromones are used to increase social acceptance. I know it seems ridiculously simple and easy, and that’s because it is. If you make friends with someone like Gareth who’s job means that they create social events, then you don’t even have to bother engineering reasons why the girls should come out and hang with you. Just concentrate on the friendship. This is the best option for you if you don’t like being the center of attention or you don’t feel like you can organize events with human pheromones. If on the other hand you’re friends with someone that doesn’t hold social events for a living, then you can easily do this yourself by using stronger pheromones. If you’re smart about this, you can pull off some amazing things. You can do this even if you don’t have somewhere to invite people or any social events to go to. Learn more at and

A guy with hot girls is a commodity, every other guy would love to be around them, so if you can connect a guy or girl who has access to hot girls to another person who has a really cool reason for everyone to get together you can almost cheat your way to the top of the game. This is exactly how I got flown to Tahiti on a private jet with 7 models. I met Anton who worked at my gym as a personal trainer and led one of the fitness classes. The class always had some drop dead gorgeous women. Learn more at

Many of them were swimsuit models or fitness models with the best bodies on the planet. Anton was super out going and would often organize hikes and bike rides with the girls. I didn’t know him that well so I wasn’t in the position to invite him anywhere, but I did know a really successful ex stock broker who had just moved to LA and had no friends. Josh had worked his ass off as a stock broker and after leaving finance had set up a private jet company. He had made his money and now wanted to have some fun. Problem was Josh had spent so much of his life concentrating on making more human pheromones for attraction that he had never really spent any time working on his sex life. I met him through a friend and after we got talking I suggested to him how cool it would be if we could get a ton of girls onto one of his planes and take a trip somewhere with the greater pheromones. “Greg, that would be awesome. But I just moved here and I don’t really know any girls.” Women aren’t trying to use you. In their minds they think their friendship should be enough for you. We all know that it isn’t. Being honest, any guy here would openly admit that given the opportunity they would sleep with the majority of their female friends. There’s nothing wrong with us, it’s just the nature of being a man. So how do we reconcile this? How does the girl get what she want and you get what?