Analyzing The 17 Day Diet

It will take me a little time to analyze everything, but right off the top not enough green, maybe too much protien. What type of bread is it that your using, whole wheat, whole grain, white? You really only need meat product 2-3 times a week! Whole wheat noodle are fantastic with the 17 Day Diet! How are you counting the calories burnt? I am unfamiliar with the HIIT acronym. If you are on one of the cardio machines the calories are way off, and not that reliable. Learn more at and

But keep up the good work on the cardio – do you do any str. training at all for overall tone? I will dispell one myth right here the human body does not need alot of protien, and alot of the shakes and mixes are marketing crap. an adult building mass only needs 1 gram per .7-.8 pound of body weight as an absolute max (nancy clarkes spots nutrition gudie) A sedetary adult only needs 1g to .4p of body weight. The rest your body stores as fat or you piss out! So many times I’ve made women unsuccessful with me by choice! I’ve pushed them out of my life when they’ve wanted to come in, I’ve denied them my continued companionship and I haven’t approached them or had sex with them and so on… haha! So yeah, at those times especially, women need to be successful with me. I need to allow women to be successful with me. Women need to be successful with me for my own sake, and theirs, and that comes from me — from my own allowing them to be successful. Wow. For my own peace and happiness, I need to allow women to be successful with me. It’s whole grain and whole wheat bread, whatever i have. and hiit is high intesity interval training, you can see it in my post, I’m sure you know it! Yes, I’m going off a machine, that also why i put 500-1000 I shoot for 750 on the machine which is about 45 minutes, but the day where I ate an extra egg and toast i did 1000. I also do weight lifting now and then, 2 times a week usually, full body routine. As far as extra protein, the only thing I take is whey protein after a workout. Only meat products 2-3 times a week? What am i susposed to eat every meal with the 27 Day Diet! Just a quick ramble about reading labels on food: 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 cals 1 gram of protien = 4 cals 1 gram of fat = 9 calories 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories Your daily 17 day diet should consist of 30% fat, 55% carb, 15% protien for macro nutrients I am a vegytard with lactose intolerance so taylor your stuff is a little different than I am use to. Give me some time, but try to include some salad in there and cut down on the eggs every day, maybe sub in a begal or oatmeal, yea maybe it sucks but that is just off the top of my head right now. This is the most awesome program I have come across so far Is there any other that can compare in terms of simplicity & toughness & well rounded full body cum long term growth workout? not that I know of yet Just to let you know I have been dripping wet from this training & so socked that its like fat oozing out. Shit If you can master this you can really have a heart so pumped that your arteries would unclog! Creatine 5-10 grams + amino acids 5-10 grams (glutamine, taurine + the others that come in protein powders (bcaa’s)). I usually consume 20 grams pre workout and 20 post workout… My first “meal” of the day is a protein shake with EFA’s (essential fatty acids) … I’ve tryed a lot of supplements but found that creatine + amino acids gives me the most energy and helps me recover fastest with the 17 day diet. Learn more at